Transformational Breath® is a highly effective method that initiates integration and healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. It was developed by American Dr. Judith Kravitz over the course of more than thirty years and has been taught globally since then. The technique teaches how to expand the breathing volume and significantly absorb more oxygen, thus supplying all our body cells with more energy.

Breathing is life energy!

Every culture in the history of the world has, in one way or another acknowledged the existence of a life-force energy in the human body.  The Indians call it prana, the Chinese call it chi, and the Japanese call it ki. In the West it is called human electricity. This energy can be attained and expressed in different ways, and so again each culture interprets it slightly differently. For example, prana and chi, as well as meaning ‘energy’ also means ‘breath’ because one can generate energy by practising breathing exercises.

Research has shown the way we breathe has a powerful effect on how stressed we feel. When we feel stressed, one of the physiological changes that occurs is activation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight response) and an immediate increase in respiration switching from slow, abdominal breathing to faster, shallower, chest breathing.

This is a normal and healthy response in the short-term. If we are constantly triggering the sympathetic nervous system throughout the day however, we begin to habitually take shorter, shallower breaths with our upper chest, even though the stress may have passed.
The danger is that this style of breathing sends signals to the brain that we are under stress when the reality is, it may not really be  under stress at all.

Transformational Breath® was the conceptual discovery of Dr Judith Kravitz. She applied her existing knowledge of conscious breathing to a variety of healing techniques, including acupressure, to develop a holistic breathing-based treatment. This treatment has become recognised as a hugely effective self-help tool and the intention is to equip individuals with an appreciation of how they can use their breathing today and every day to bring about personal transformation.